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  • Your disposable inbox is valid until you refresh this page. 10 minutes isn't a limitation anymore!
  • Any address can be extended. For example, mail, that was sended to user-qweqwe@wasd.dropmail.me or user.ololo@a.b.c.dropmail.me will be automatically delivered to user@dropmail.me. You can use it as workaround when dropmail.me is banned, or to create new addresses rapidly. General rule is like: [temp email text before (at) sign]['-' or '.' or '+' symbol][any letters]@[any letters].[temp email text after (at) sign].
    Examples: , , .
    Extended addresses will be destroyed with main adress. Extended addresses work with forwarding as well.
  • If you had used @dropmail.me address for signing-up on some site/service, but confirmation email woun't come for a while - enable forwarding. Recently happens, that some web-sites has temporary delays with sending emails up to few hours. In case of forwarding enabled, email will be delivered to your real email address when arrives to our service.

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